Developer Diary January 2020

Welcome to the latest edition of our Developer Diary series. This month we will be looking at the new features in the Marketplace and celebrating our placement in the Top 50 blockchain games companies for 2020… 

January has come and gone, but we’ve started the year with a blast, having attended and spoken at Pocket Gamer Connects 2020, been recognised as a Top 25 Blockchain Games company and launched new features for the Reality Clash trading platform, all the while continuing to work on the UI redesign of the mobile game.  

Phew. A lot has happened. We are absolutely delighted – and extremely humbled – to be named as #25 in the Top 50 Blockchain Games companies, as compiled by BlockchainGamer. 

It wasn’t something we were expecting but, like the awards last year, it’s amazing for the team to be recognised for all the hard work they’ve put in over the previous 12 months. 

We’ve had several requests from our community to introduce a better way of tracking ‘sell’ orders within the Marketplace platform. Some of our savvy traders have managed to rake in some serious profits by trading Reality Clash in-game weapons, but have found keeping tabs on sales more difficult than it should be. To make the process more efficient, we have introduced a brand-new ‘My Listings’ page, from which traders can view and easily amend all of their active listings on the Marketplace.  

We have also added a ‘Top Traders’ section to the website. This leaderboard highlights the most successful traders on our platform with the ability to sort between the daily, weekly and all-time Top Traders. If you’ve made the list, congratulations! 

All traders on this leaderboard are anonymous by default. However, it’s possible for you to remove this anonymity in profile settings and show off your spot amongst the Top Traders. We’re working on some exciting rewards for our Top Traders too, so if you’ve made the list, hold onto that spot. 

Finally, we have also adjusted the display of items in the Armoury and Marketplace to highlight the volume of items available and have priced all items in a live USD value which is equivalent to the price of RCC. This gives our new and old users a better idea of the value of their NFTs on the open market.  

Oh – and one more thing: We’ve started working on a new design for Reality Clash mobile AR combat game itself, including a UI overhaul design plan which will be implemented in the next couple of months. 

We can’t wait to show it off – the design will be brighter and more responsive, with improved UX. Here’s a sneak peek to keep you going until our next diary when full details will be revealed for the first time!