Developer Diary February 2020

Welcome to another edition of our Developer Diary series. This month we will be looking at an exciting new partnership and some of the latest changes to the Trading Platform…

With many Games industry events now cancelled due to the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic, we’ve been chained to our desks, focused on improvements to the Trading Platform and finalising our NFT schedule.

The Reward Points system has been pushed live and is working as expected so Traders can now use their accumulated points to get discounts at The Armoury. Earning these points is simple and with a current rate of 1 point to 1 RCC, you can get your hands on some fantastic discounts without much effort!

These Reward Points can be earned in a few different ways.

We’ve also recently completed an integration with the Nagemon Platform as part of an exciting new partnership. As of this week, RC GUNs are now tradable on the Nagemon Marketplace, offering a new audience and platform for traders. With the Nagemon platform particularly popular in Asia, we are looking forward to expanding exposure of our mobile game and NFTs in the region.

Using the Nagemon Marketplace is easy.

As part of this partnership, our NFTs will also soon be available on the Nagemon virtual Gacha games. You may already be aware of a Gacha machine without knowing it – a Gacha game traditionally involves a physical machine in which you put in a coin and receive a random collectible. This mechanic is very well-known and popular in Japan with Nagemon looking to introduce more users to this game by making it virtual and available to anyone with an internet connection.

You can read more about the partnership here

In other developments: we will soon be releasing our finalised NFT schedule for 2020. This will make adjustments to the display of rarity for each item and clarify how future weapon releases will work. We are also working on new ways of rewarding community members and improving the recently implemented Reward Points system.

Still want more? Why not check out our latest blog piece on Tokenised Collectibles?

Until next time, stay healthy and keep gaming!