All of the questions you have about Reality Clash answered here in the Reality Clash FAQs. Info about the Reality Clash Armoury app and the upcoming Reality Clash game.


Reality Clash is an exciting and innovative augmented reality FPS mobile combat game available on iOS and Android, which is also free to play!


Set in an underground world of cryptocurrency and hackers, the game combines geo-location gaming and augmented reality first-person shooter battles to provide a unique player experience.


Join your friends and challenge your enemies to decide the fate of the virtual battlefield.



Reality Clash is currently available in the following countries:


- Denmark

- Australia

- New Zealand


The game will be launching in additional regions throughout 2019.



If you’re in one of our Live regions, you can head to the Google Playstore


or iOS Appstore and search 'Reality Clash' to find the game.


We recommend downloading and starting the game whilst connected to a Wifi network to ensure a stable download.



A short tutorial will guide you through the main features of the game and train you for your first battle in the virtual world.


After completing this, head out to different locations and challenge your enemies to gain control of Nodes. Gather resources at these locations to build more powerful weapons.



To build weapons, you need Resources, Silver and Blueprints.

These can be gathered from Node locations, purchased in-app or earned through combat with players and bots.

Navigate to the in-game Armoury to unlock and build these new weapons when you gather enough materials.



Reality Clash Silver is the in-app currency. It can be purchased or earned within the mobile game and can be used to build in-game items or speed up activities.



Of course!


Challenge your friends in an open space for an exciting virtual combat experience. Use digitally rendered cover to hide from the gunfire and use body movement to lean out and take a shot. Find out who is the best.



There are 3 teams battling for control of the virtual landscape.






You will automatically be assigned to a team but will have the opportunity to switch to another team in the future.



This is a feature which will be introduced in 2019.



Due to the demand of Augmented Reality on mobile devices, only models which run support ARKit or ARCore are able to play the game.


You can find a list of these devices below:







Yes, the game is a geo-location based game which requires an active GPS connection to enable play. Combat also requires an active connection to transmit movement and weapon data.