Welcome to the second edition of our ‘developer diaries’, where we will continue to post fortnightly updates about Reality Clash and game development progress.

Our developers are continuing to prototype the core features of the game, and the last couple of weeks have seen geolocation and mapping becoming the focus of research and development.

The team has been evaluating various mapping technologies to ensure that Reality Clash maps can be of the highest possible resolution. Offering highly scalable, high-definition maps is an important feature of the game and we want to players to feel engaged with the map screen as much as with the AR gameplay.

3D buildings provide an additional level of detail and depth as you scroll around your local environment to find other players. The current artwork is still placeholder but you can see how this added depth to buildings greatly improves the perception that you are viewing the world from a high-tech vantage point.

Accurate geo-location is difficult to achieve and can raise problems like those seen in the image below when we cannot accurately overlay buildings on their real-world counterparts.To help address these problems, the design and art teams are working closely with the technology team to ensure that even if the player does not have an accurate GPS signal they can still play the game and these confusing artefacts do not hamper their enjoyment. More about this in future weeks as we start to reveal our work on the AR interface.

Our developers have continued to leave the comfort of the office in the name of development and taken to the streets to work on the mapping tech!

Our team is also working round-the-clock on the Reality Clash trading platform to bring this to our backers. Weapon scarcity and valuation is nearing completion whilst all weaponry for the first batch release has been completed. Community feedback on the weaponry has been very positive and we’re excited to bring these to release. Our backers will soon be able to get their hands on the first batch of weaponry and begin building their arsenal.

Below is one example of an exclusive Elite Assault gun, which will be available on the trading platform from launch.


We hope you are all as excited as we are about these game developments and the upcoming release of the Reality Clash trading platform. Stay tuned for more!