Developer Diary April 2019

Welcome to the latest edition in our Developer Diary series, where we talk about game developments and everything that has been happening in the Reality Clash universe…

April was a huge month for our team with the mobile game going live across most of the world AND the successful rollout of our upgraded Trading Platform. As discussed in our last developer diary – all the weapons on our platform have also been retokenised to an ERC721 standard and the new Trading Platform allows us to show off the new ‘RC GUN’ token features to our users.

The Trading Platform now has a dedicated website which can be found at:

Just like any token or coin, you can now withdraw the weapons from your account and keep them in a wallet or move them to a different asset exchange.

We hope to work alongside other projects in the space to enable our RC GUN items to operate within other games as well as the other marketplaces.  In terms of other marketplaces, we are happy that work is almost complete on optimising the RC GUN data to display on our first 3rd party NFT exchange: – Opensea

We’ll have more information on this when we go live, but we hope that enabling more marketplaces for our tokenised items will bring greater exposure for both the trading platform and the mobile game. A key step in introducing newcomers to blockchain and digital assets such as NFT’s  is by showing them the utility that these assets can have. Whether this is using them in the Reality Clash mobile game, trading them on a marketplace or simply collecting and storing them in a secure digital wallet.

We are also happy to announce that the final stages of testing are underway on the Marketplace connection to the mobile game. Soon traders will be able to link their trading account with their in-game account and start using their limited edition items in-game.

What’s next?

With the new user interface and improved backend efficiency, we are really excited for our growing community of Traders, Gamers and NFT collector’s to give us more of their feedback on the upgraded trading platform. We know that everything can be improved and so we are constantly working to make the trading experience as smooth as possible. The feedback we’ve received so far has been very positive and for this we are very appreciative.

As we expand the exposure of our digital assets to other marketplaces, we will be looking to cooperate with other blockchain games developers/publishers on the interoperability of items and games. There is a lot of dedicated, skilled teams out there with excellent games and we are hugely excited to be at a stage where we can work alongside these teams on exciting ventures.

We will soon be regularly inviting our community to submit their best in-game videos to us via social media or email. We will select the best quality videos every 2 weeks/month and then reward the authors!

On a side note:

Hype is starting to build and we’re thrilled that the game and trading platform are getting some recognition. It is an honour being recognised as one of blockchaingamer’s “most anticipated blockchain games of 2018” AND one of coinrivet’s “most promising games of 2019”.

We have a lot more planned for 2019, so stay tuned…

If you have any questions, comments or requests, please don’t hesitate to contact us via social media or at: