Reality Clash: blockchain-based AR game. Pokemon GO meets FPS gaming

Top 50 blockchain game companies 2020

Top 50 blockchain game companies 2020 – 24.01.2020

And so, this is it – our first Top 50 listing for the blockchain games sector.

In keeping with the approach honed by our sister website for the mobile games sector, the point of this annual list is to highlight companies that are innovating within a

Reality Clash speaking at first Blockchain Gamer LIVE! gaming conference in January

Reality Gaming Group expanding to China

Reality Gaming Group expanding to China – 6.11.19

UK start-up Reality Gaming Group has secured a partnership that will enable the company to expand to the lucrative Chinese market.

The developer has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Chengdu New Economy Development Commission that will see Reality Gaming Group open a new studio within

Reality Clash: How non-intrusive ads can monetise this AR shooting experience


Blockchain mobile outfit Reality Gaming Group looking to raise £1.5 million

Reality Gaming Group to raise £1.5m

Reality Gaming Group to raise £1.5m – 7.10.19

Reality Gaming Group, which has developed the mobile AR combat title Reality Clash, has opened a £1.5m funding round supported by its blockchain-recorded Security Token Offering (STO), along with traditional equity investment. The firm has also announced that it will be licensing two of its products to

Reality Clash nominated for Meffys’ Blockchain in Mobile and TIGA Creativity awards

Reality Gaming Group joins Blockchain Game Alliance