AR Combat Game ‘Reality Clash’, which is Like ‘Pokemon GO’ Meets ‘Call of Duty’, Launches in the UK

Every year, blockchain games get bigger at GDC

Every year, blockchain games get bigger at GDC – 27.03.19

San Francisco got its fair share of traffic last week, as GDC went into full swing from March 16th-20th. According to event organisers, that’s Traffic with a capital ‘T’, as over 29,000 attendees and industry professionals made their way to the conference…

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Reality Clash at GDC 2019

Reality Clash at GDC 2019 – 19.03.19

Gamezebo is at GDC this year, catching up with our favourite mobile games developers. We caught up with the makers of Reality Clash, the upcoming AR location-based shooter that combines Call of Duty with Pokémon GO…

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El juego de realidad aumentada Reality Clash ya está disponible en España

Reality Clash viene lanciato in Italia: ‘Pokémon Go meets Call of Duty’

Pokémon GO + Call Of Duty = Reality Clash, disponibile da ora

Reality Clash officially lands in Europe, Russia, and the Philippines

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