Reality Clash Help


I would like to change or reset my Reality Clash password.
You can change your password by contacting us via email at: support[at]

I think my Reality Clash account is banned?
Please contact us at support[at] Please include your player account id.

How do I delete my Reality Clash account?
Please contact us at support[at] Please include your player account id.

I don’t know which email address I used to create my Reality Clash account.
Please contact us at support[at] Please include your player account id.

Can I change the email address associated with my account?
You cannot change the email address associated with your game account. If you have an issue with your email, please contact us at support[at] and we will try to assist.

Where can I view your Terms of Use?
Our Terms of Use are available on our website:

Where can I view your Privacy Policy?
Our Privacy Policy is available on our website:


Which devices are supported for Reality Clash?
Reality Clash is an Augmented Reality game, therefore we can only support devices which are capable of using this technology.

iOS: iPhone 7 and above.
Android: A list of capable devices can be found here:
If you have any problems with your device or aren’t sure why it isn’t working, please contact us at support[at]


I want to report a bug.
Please contact us at support[at]
Please provide details of the bug:
· What happened?
· How can we replicate it? E.g. I opened the game, challenged someone to combat, and then it happened
· How many times has it happened? Can you make it happen again?
· Your device (e.g. iPhone 7)
· Your operating system (on iOS, go to Settings > General > About, and provide the ‘version’ number. On Android, go to Settings > About Phone > Software Information, and provide the ‘android version’ number)

I want to report an abusive player.
You can report another player in-game by clicking on the red exclamation mark on the abusive player’s profile.

Alternatively, please contact us at support[at] and provide the following details:
· Your player id
· The player’s player id
· Your reason for reporting the player

I want to report an unsafe location
You can report unsafe locations in-game by pressing the red exclamation mark on SafeZones and Nodes.

If you do not feel that your report has been effective, please contact us at support[at]
Kindly provide the following details:
· Your username
· The location name within the game (if possible)
· The location name, city and country in real life
· Your reason for reporting this location


What is Reality Clash?
Reality Clash is an exciting and innovative augmented reality combat game available on iOS and Android, which is also free to play!

Set in an underground world of cryptocurrency and hackers, the game provides a unique player experience as we combine intense combat scenarios with the most up to date augmented reality technology.

Players will step through a Portal and enter a virtual battlefield in which they can challenge their friends to real-time combat. Win resources and glory for your team or make a name for yourself in this new genre of gaming.

How do I download the game?
Use the following links to download the game:

Google Playstore

iOS Appstore

Or just head to your app store and search for 'Reality Clash'

We recommend downloading and starting the game whilst connected to a Wifi network to ensure a stable download.

Will my mobile device support the game?
Due to the demand placed on devices by augmented reality apps, only models which support ARKit or ARCore are able to play the game.

I downloaded the game, what do I do now?
A short tutorial will guide you through the main features of the game and train you for your first battle.

You should start building up your weapon Armoury and honing your combat skills by completing training modes or by challenging other players.

I want to build more weapons; how do I do this?
To build weapons, you need Resources, Silver and Blueprints.

Silver and Blueprints can be earned through play or purchased in-app whilst Resources must be earned through successful training missions, collecting daily rewards or by fighting other players.

Navigate to the in-game Armoury to unlock and build these new weapons when you gather enough materials.

How do I customise my weapons?
You can customise your weapons in the Armoury and add accessories such as sights, suppressors, grips and stocks.

These accessories will improve your aim and make you a more efficient combatant!

What is Reality Clash Silver?
Reality Clash Silver is the in-app currency. It can be purchased from the Store or earned within the mobile game. Silver can be used to build in-game items.

What are Resources?
There are 3 types of Resource in the Reality Clash game.

These are Blocks, Contracts and Keys.

Resources are used to build powerful new weaponry for you to use against your enemies. Resources can be found in reward crates which are earned by successfully completing training missions or challenging enemy players.

What are the available teams?
There are 3 teams battling for control of the virtual world known as 'The Sim'.




You will automatically be assigned to a team but will have the opportunity to switch to another team in the future.

Can I make a clan or squad with friends?

This is a feature which will be introduced later in 2021.