Reality Clash Game

Reality Clash Game

Want to know the story behind the world’s first augmented reality combat game? Here is what Reality Clash is made of and what to expect in the future!


Reality Clash is an exciting and innovative augmented reality FPS mobile combat game available on iOS and Android, which is also free to play!

Step into the Portal to play in the virtual battlefield where your movement, reactions and strategy are crucial to your success.

Watch the video below to find out more.


Augmented Reality Combat

When engaging in combat or weapon training, players step through an augmented reality Portal. The Portal allows players to fight in an immersive virtual world known as 'The Sim' with persistent objects such as barricades which can be used for defence. This kind of AR gameplay has never been seen before and is a truly innovative experience.

Try it for yourself, download the game today!

PvP Battles

Instantly jump into AR battles. Our Battle Page allows you to quickly start a gaming session and challenge other players from across the world.

Earn Rewards

Competing in battles against other players will grant you Reward Crates. The better you perform, the better rewards you will receive.

These crates contain the materials needed to unlock and build powerful weaponry.

Wide Range of Weapons

In Reality Clash there is a weapon for every type of player.

If you're looking for up close quarters combat, why not try one of the Shotguns?

If range is more your thing, scope out your enemies and make the kill with a Sniper Rifle!

Some like it hot – so why not try the Sigourney Flamethrower?

Test Your Skills

Missing your shots? You may need to hit the training range.

There are multiple training modes available for every weapon you unlock. Practice against static and moving targets or take on a horde of enemy AI in the ultimate training mode.

Customise Your Arsenal

A true soldier knows how to maintain their weapons. In Reality Clash, you can add scopes, custom skins, laser sights, silencers, grips and more to your weapon!

Hide your location with a silencer or improve your aim with a scope, choose wisely as some accessories improve stats and reduce others.


The game story so far....

The blockchain phenomenon began in 2008 with an unknown entity known only as 'Satoshi Nakamoto'. Since its creation, billions of cryptographic calculations have been made in a race to resolve each block in turn. Computing capabilities have increased at a dramatic rate and groups have formed in an effort to control this technology.

In 2017 an individual hacker called 'Multis' discovered a glitch in a node which allowed him to access an undiscovered reality. He was able to upload an avatar of his physical form via the access node and began to build a new world within what he called: 'The Sim'.

Although nobody knows exactly how, the existence of this node was eventually spread to other groups and a battle for control of The Sim began.

Out of the chaos, three groups rose to dominate:

C.A.S.H: A Criminal Organisation intent on profiteering by any means.
Kapital: A Corporate Organisation seeking to expand into The Sim.
eMiners: Mining Libertarians interrupting Corporate/Government dominance

Reality Clash Players have been given access to the tools required to tap into The Sim. If you take control of a location in The Sim then you and your team can collect resources which will grant access to superior firepower.

Your actions decide who takes control of The Sim.


New game features to be released soon.
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