Buy with Ether

If you have a wallet full of Ether then this is for you.

Once the Ether payment is confirmed on the Blockchain (can be up to1 hour) we will send your shiny new RCC directly into your wallet.

Choose the bundle of RCC you want to purchase and follow instructions in the checkout

All conversion fees will be paid by Reality Clash.

Buying with Ether

We have simplified the buying process for RCC.

You can now use Ether from your own account to purchase bundles of Reality Clash Coins to spend on limited edition weapons in the Marketplace. Buying directly from our website with Ether means you save costs on gas fees and don't need to visit 3rd part crypto exchanges.

Simply choose one of the bundles above, then follow the instructions to make payment and complete your purchase. Your RCC will then be credited to your account.

It's as simple as that.