August – The Blockchain meets AR and VR Month – 1.8.18

Hello and welcome to August, which for is our month-long deep dive into the world of blockchain-based Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality projects.

Both AR and VR technologies, albeit for different reasons, have to-date failed to engage as widely as many industry commentators had expected…


Reality Clash Esports Partnership with Sørby – 1.8.18

As part of this deal, Reality Clash will sponsor the team shirts, the Sørby academy and sponsor the teams’ participation at the Supreme Masters Counter-Strike tournament. The deal is a first for Reality Clash.

Sørby Esports is one of the largest esports communities in Denmark, boasting over 300 active members.

Opinion: The new reality for brands and video games – 26.07.18

A giddy combination of augmented reality, virtual reality, blockchain and location-based services means that brands have a wealth of exciting opportunities ahead of them when it comes to partnerships in video games, argues Reality Gaming Group Founder Tony Pearce…

Ultimate Crypto Giveaway including Reality Clash Prizes – 16.07.18

The cryptoandgamers community is having a competition!

The prizes include over 50 game assets from 23 games, including Reality Clash items…

Reality Clash brings augmented reality to BLMP – 11.07.18

The company represents one of the first augmented reality platforms on blockchain to join BLMP, giving it access to a digital and financial ecosystem to support their ongoing funding and development…

Reality Clash’s Tony Pearce on the future of blockchain gaming – 26.06.18

Some were bullish, while others provided alternative points of view, taking a wait-and-see approach during these early days of blockchain technology.

That was the conclusion from Blockchain Gamer Connects San Francisco 2018, where key insights were shared across companies from triple-A to indie…

Blockchain Gamer Connects San Francisco 2018 schedule is live – 01.05.18

Exploring future integrations of blockchain and games, learn how to create and manage a currency before, during and after an Initial Coin Offering.

Don’t miss: Tony Pearce from The Reality Gaming Group’s KYC (Know Your Crypto) – The Good, Bad And Ugly Of ICOs …

Speaker Profile: Tony Pearce, Reality Gaming Group – 20.04.18

Tony Pearce, Co-Founder at Reality Gaming Group, is one of 40 world-class blockchain gaming speakers appearing at Blockchain Gamer Connects San Francisco on May 14-15. To hear him speak in person…

IC WOAH! Coin offerings are continuing to excite us – 17.04.18

This is a guest post from Jake Scott, the community manager at one of our launch sponsors Reality Gaming Group.

Welcome to the first in a series of articles about the latest blockchain and video game crossovers that we hope will be of interest to you as a

Reality Clash Coins up 380% after Armoury Store launch – 12.04.18

Mobile AR FPS Reality Clash has become the first game to raise money via an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and then successfully deliver a product where investors can spend their cryptocurrency.

Gamers and investors can now buy limited-edition weapons through the recently opened Reality Clash Armoury using…