About Reality Clash

Reality Clash is an augmented reality FPS combat game available on iPhone and Android and it’s free to play!

Reality Clash will be available to download on the Apple and Google app stores mid 2018.

Check out the latest news and see our bio monthly development updates here.

  • A new revolutionary gameplay
  • No attachments or add-ons
  • Uses the phone’s camera, presenting an augmented reality picture on the phones screen
  • Real world buildings have an impact on gameplay
  • Connect to friends in real-time using geo map technology
  • Join private teams and tournaments or go full-out street combat mode
  • Trade and sell your weapons through the Reality Clash platform or secondary markets for money
  • Speculate on weapons and become a virtual arms dealer

How Does It Work

Train and grow as a Reality Clash player, facing and fighting against enemies in their local environment.

  • Familiar places are now your battle fields
  • The people in your surroundings are either your allies or enemies
  • Build you own headquarters
  • Build defenses
  • Set up battles in real life environments
  • 2 player or full tournament team mode


Invite friends and set up battles in real life environments; parks, fields, woodland, businesses

Visit gaming points to collect free health and ammo

Equip yourself with different weapons, armor and health packs

Unlock new weapons, functions and achievements, explore your surroundings, and conquer your own city



Reality Clash will have everything you expect in combat.

Full range of weapons from pistols to machine guns, sniper riffles and customizable guns.

Trade and sell your weapons on the Reality Clash Platform soon.

See examples of weapons here


  • Full selection of weapons – including limited editions
  • Full selection of ammo packs
  • Health booster packs
  • Mines
  • Air Strikes
  • Drones
  • Customized skins
  • Gun and ammo bundles
  • Special rewards


The armory shop will be available to view closer to launch. Participants in the Token Sale will have exclusive access to weapons soon.


Armory – Trade and Buy Weapons

Introducing the world’s first token sale armory. The armory is our on-line store where you can buy all types of weapons and ammunition. The weapons available in the token sale will be limited edition, designed exclusively for the token sale and only available to the fortunate few who are lucky enough to participate in the token sale. You will have weapons and armory that no ones else will have – EVER!

These weapons can be used in the game or traded and sold through the Reality Clash platform for money.

Make money, speculate on weapons and become a virtual arms dealer or simply enjoy your tactical advantage by playing in the game!