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Reality Clash Game

Reality Clash Game

Want to know the story behind the world’s first augmented reality combat game? Here is what Reality Clash is made of and what to expect in the future!

What is Reality Clash?

Reality Clash is an Augmented Reality FPS combat game set in an underground world of cryptocurrency and hackers. Soon to be available on iPhone and Android – and it’s free to play!

Reality Clash will be available to download on the
Apple and Google app stores in Jan 2019.

Check out the latest news and see our
fortnightly development updates here.

• The world's first mobile AR game using Blockchain technology

• No mobile attachments or add-ons

• Uses the phone’s camera, presenting an augmented reality picture on the phone's screen

• Real world buildings have an impact on gameplay

• It's up to you to decide if you are in the real-world or a parallel world

• Connect to friends in real-time using geo map technology

• Join private teams and tournaments or go full-out in street combat mode

• Join missions to win in-game content and upgrades

• HODL, Hack or Duel for control in the Sim using advanced digital weapons

• Acquire, trade or speculate on unique serial numbered Blockchain weapons


The game story so far....

The blockchain phenomenon began in 2008 with an unknown entity known only as 'Satoshi Nakamoto'. Since it's creation, billions of cryptographic calculations have been made in a race to resolve each block in turn. Computing capabilities have increased at a dramatic rate and groups have formed in an effort to control this technology.

In 2017 an individual hacker called 'Multis' discovered a glitch in a node which allowed him to access an undiscovered reality. He was able to upload an avatar of his physical form via the access node and began to build a new world within what he called: 'The Sim'.

Although nobody knows exactly how, the existence of this node was eventually spread to other groups and a battle for control of The Sim began.

Out of the chaos, three groups rose to dominate:

C.A.S.H: A Criminal Organisation intent on profiteering by any means.
Kapital: A Corporate Organisation seeking to expand into The Sim.
eMiners: Mining Libertarians interrupting Corporate/Government dominance

Reality Clash Players have been given access to the tools required to tap into The Sim. If you take control of a location in The Sim then you and your team can collect resources which will grant access to superior firepower.

Your actions decide who takes control of The Sim.

Game Features

RCC Gold

Ethereum-based cryptocurrency that is available at our website here and at 3rd party trading exchanges. RCC is primarily used to buy exclusive, limited edition and tradeable items at the Armoury


In-game currency purchased from the mobile app stores or earned through gameplay. Can be spent on non-tradeable weapons, additional add-ons and boosting actions at safehouses


Locations where combat is restricted and players regain health automatically. These are physical locations, such as coffee shops or retail locations, which will be able to offer real-world incentives and in-game rewards to players.

AR Portals

When engaging in combat or weapon training, the event begins with players entering an augmented reality Portal. The Portal allows players to fight in an immersive virtual world with objects such as barricades which can be used for defence. Strategy and skill determine the winner.


In-game items that, when combined together with specific resources, will allow the player to create their own weapons.


Resources are earned through play or by mining at strategic locations that your team controls. Resources can be spent on building additional mining locations, creating new weapons and speeding up certain actions.

Strategic locations

Key locations where major missions take place and teams compete for control so they can mine at the location and receive resources. Locations will also be patrolled by bots ensuring you can always play against an enemy.


Objective based activities which players can undertake to increase their level, earn in-game items or compete with rival players.


The process of gathering resources at a strategic location.


Players can strategically place countermeasure items which affect rival player gameplay. These can damage or slow enemy players.

3D Map

Players can use the detailed 3D map to search for safehouses, strategic locations or enemies.