RCC Gold Coins


RCC Gold coins are available to buy and sell on the following exchanges.
More exchanges to be announced shortly




Why Buy RCC Gold?

RCC Gold coins are limited edition coins that come with special features.

The lucky few that have these coins can buy exclusive, limited edition weapons on our trading platform (launching soon).

These weapons will be extremely rare and will be very valuable when the game launches in 2018. Check out the Armory and see some examples now.
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You can trade these weapons on the Reality Clash trading platform and make money.
Speculate on weapons and become a virtual arms dealer or simply enjoy your tactical advantage by playing in the game!

You will become the envy of all other players!

No more RCC Gold coins will ever be released again and were offered exclusively in the token sale. The token sale is now closed.

Any unsold RCC Gold coins during the Token sale have been burned.

RCC Gold coins are only available to buy and sell on exchanges. All RCC coins are ERC-20 tockenized