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How to get Coins

Reality Clash Coins were originally sold during the project’s Initial Coin Offering at the end of 2017.

There is currently only one way to get your hands on Reality Clash Coins and this is via a trading exchange. More information can be found at “Buy at Trading Exchanges”

Users will soon be able to purchase bundles of RCC on the Reality Clash website using a credit card.

Buying directly from our website will make the process of buying RCC easier and more cost-efficient with no need to visit 3rd party exchanges if you do not wish to. We hope this will allow more gamers to enter the crypto community with ease.

The current trading exchanges allow users to trade Ethereum (ETH) for Reality Clash Coins (RCC) and so users will need some Ethereum in order to purchase Reality Clash Coins.

New users can find Ethereum at major trading exchanges and we suggest using a user-friendly exchange such as Coinbase, to purchase your Ethereum.

For assistance on purchasing Reality Clash Coins, check out our guidance video from Simon Miller!