Developer Diary October 2017

Welcome to ‘Developer Diaries’, here we will post fortnightly updates about Reality Clash, what our developers are doing in order to keep you all up do date on the progress of the game.

With that out of the way, we can start looking at the fun stuff, and our awesome developers have already begun testing the platform in their pre-production test scenes using simple placeholder animated characters and weapons. The goal for this is to ensure we can deliver a solid AR experience which can incorporate dynamic lighting based on the camera brightness as well as good shadows to ground objects within the real-world.

Prototyping has also involved us leaving our comfy offices and testing the early prototypes in real-world situations. This type of testing helps us understand the limitations of the latest AR technology and how we can further improve our game design to maximize the enjoyment of our players. Answering such vital questions as to how far players can be from each other and still be able to see their avatars clearly enough to engage in a firefight.

Our team of 3D artists have also been very busy working on new weapon assets for our backers, who will be able to purchase this exclusive weaponry on the trading platform, using their Reality Clash Coins. Just a couple of these weapons are shown below:

Long range and powerful!

The Bullpup shotgun, for close quarters combat!

We will continue to bring you all the updates that we can, without compromising the development of Reality Clash.

Stay tuned!