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All of the questions you have about Reality Clash answered here in the Reality Clash FAQs. Info about the Reality Clash Armoury app and the upcoming Reality Clash game.


Reality Clash is an exciting and innovative augmented reality FPS combat game available on iOS and Android, which is also free to play! Set in an underground world of cryptocurrency and hackers, the game will combine real time geo-localized gaming and multiplayer first person shooter battles with exciting monetisation opportunities for players.



Reality Clash will be launching in late 2018.



The Reality Clash Armoury website is the only place where you can buy exclusive, limited edition weaponry for use during in-game combat or for speculation and trading. Users can view available weapons in 3d and use their Reality Clash Coins to purchase these weapons and build up a powerful arsenal of their own.



The Reality Clash Armoury app allows you to see and test weapons before the release of Reality Clash in late 2018. This free app mixes up the camera and real-time 3D gun animation into an augmented reality view displaying on your mobile phone.

Users will be able to try out weapons in the app and get a feel for the basics of the game. The Armoury App is available to download on Android right now!



To create an account you will need to head to the 'sign up' page (link in the top right hand corner of the page) and complete basic registration. Once that is completed, you'll have joined the revolution and will be one step closer to becoming a virtual arms dealer!



A Reality Clash Gold Coin (RCC) is the only currency that you can use to buy weapons from the Reality Clash Armoury. The currency is an Ethereum-based utility token which provides an immutable public ledger for digital asset trading. Using RCC in trading ensures every item that you buy is 100% yours. There is no need to trust a central database or worry about fraudulent items being bought/sold at the Armoury, RCC payments are both secure and fast.



A Reality Clash Silver coin is only available to purchase in the app stores when the game is released in late 2018. In-game content purchased with a Reality Clash Silver coin will give you access to in-game content such as weapons and upgrades, however these weapons will not be limited edition or tradable on our website.



New users can currently get their RCC from trading exchanges like Etherdelta and Token Store (More exchanges will be added shortly). We have created guides to explain how to use these exchanges in order to trade RCC, these guides can be found here

If you have any problems, just get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

In the near future you will be able to buy RCC directly from our exchange on our web site with your credit/debit cards and other cryptocurrencies.



RCC will be the only currency you can use to buy exclusive limited-edition Reality Clash weaponry from The Armoury. Once these weapons are sold out, they will not be released again. Choose to build your arsenal to dominate your enemies in-game or stock up on trading items for your career as a virtual arms dealer!

RCC can also be used to unlock additional bonus content within the game itself with more details released as we get closer to game launch.



You don’t need to – when purchasing weaponry, you will be provided with a Crypto invoice address for payment. You can make payment from any ERC20 token supporting wallet (such as myetherwallet) directly to the address we supply.



We will support alternative payment methods in the near future. You can buy RCC on trading exchanges by following our 'How to Buy RCC' guides found here



These weapons are limited edition. Once sold out they will never be available again. Trade them soon and make real money or simply keep them for tactical advantage in the game.



Congratulations! After your purchase, you should receive an email containing details of your order and the attached certificate of ownership with associated blockchain proof. Your weapon will be available in your Reality Clash account and will appear in your profile page. The weapons will be available to trade between players at a later stage. When the game is launched, your weapon will automatically appear in your inventory for use in combat!



Player to player trading will be an exciting feature of The Armoury but will not be included in the first version. We will constantly be improving and expanding the platform as we get closer to game launch but at this early stage, users will only be able to purchase weaponry.



Please check your junk/spam folders of your email account and wait at least 1 hour before emailing us with details of your order at: info@realityclash.com



Attached to each tokenised asset is a unique serial number. As the owner of this asset, only your account has control of the item with this unique identifier. You will receive a certificate of ownership via email when your purchase is complete, this certificate will have details of the transaction and unique serial number of the asset.



Launching with sixteen weapons and thirty six exclusive skins, followed by batches of 2 new weapons per week with 2 skins per weapon. These weapons will be available on a first-come-first-served basis and once they are sold out, no more will be made available... grab them while you can!